NatureSil 4

NatureSil is produced by extracting silicon from plant biomass. The advanced extraction process turns the silica in the biomass into active silicon, which is readily absorbed by plants as a nutrient.

NatureSil is proven to be effective for a varieties of crops which include rice, sugar cane, corn and cassava, as well as others. It works well as a supplement to both chemical and organic fertilizer and boost yields from 20-40%. It is in liquid form and is highly concentrated. Application requires diluting with water between 200-1000 times.

The benefits of NatureSil to plants include:

  • Increase the strength and thickness of cell wall, helping to keep plant erect
  • Improves photosynthesis efficiency
  • Protects plant against diseases, insect and fungi attack
  • Increases yield and productivity

Application Method:

Can be used as soil conditioner, seed germinating and foliar spray.