Nitrogen, in the form of Urea, is the most important applied nutrients to most plants. Urea is commonly applied by broadcasting and the losses by volatilization can be as high as 50%. This is especially so if it is applied during the dry season (or no irrigation) when soil contains low moisture content and temperature is warm. Under such conditions, the applied Urea will reacts with moisture to form ammonium carbonate. Ammonium carbonate is unstable and breaks down into carbon dioxide and ammonia gas. If the urea is on the soil surface when the breakdown occurs, the ammonia gas is lost to the atmosphere.

NatureCoat is an innovative product that is easy to apply and reduces the losses of Urea during application. It is a NanoTechnology Powder and during the mixing process, will naturally bond itself to urea and form a coating. Upon contact with moisture, this coating induces a controlled-release function through the actions of microbes found naturally in the soil.

Application Method:

Applied and mix with Urea during fertilizing. Powder will bond itself to Urea pellets naturally.